It takes a village – a Palestinian village and a village of generous supporters – to launch, build and sustain a library!

HONORING Walls & a Keynote Address.  James and Mary Eleanor Wall, instrumental in the founding of Seraj, were honored with emeritus and emerita Board membership.   A Fund – with over $12,000 already pledged – was launched to create a library in their name.

Palestinian Ambassador to the UK and former President of Bethlehem University, Dr. Manuel Hassassian, described the critical role education plays in providing Palestinian young people with a future in the context of an Occupation that seems to have no end.

WATCH: Library Report from Palestine - 7 minutes.
The highlight of the evening was Laurie and Estephan Salameh’s video made with the help of a young Palestinian videographer from the Alrowwad Center in the Aida Refugee Camp. We hope you will take a look.  Click Here. The Salamehs tell the story of how Seraj was born and has grown, introduce us to Fidá, the vibrant coordinator helping libraries collaborate and deepen their impact, and announces the beginning of a new program to assist college students with tuition costs while they assist Seraj library students with reading, homework and tutoring. A separate Fund named for a great teacher and Seraj supporter, B J Wagner, is being established to finance this program.

The evening ended with an invitation for all to join our Palestinian friends in dancing the dabka. We mastered the celebratory spirit of the dance; we just need a little more practice with the steps. In the spirit of the Cubs, Next Year!

The 2015 Seraj Benefit

Saturday, October 3, 2015 - Unitarian Church of Evanston

Shukran - Thanks to all who helped make a great evening

Why we host an annual benefit…

  • renew financial support for our Seraj partners 
  • gather the US Seraj community for an evening of good friends, food and fun
  • learn more about Seraj, the Palestinian people and the struggle to end the Occupation​

How you can participate …

  • plan to attend
  • invite friends who would welcome learning about Seraj 
  • contribute an item for the silent auction  
  • volunteer to be a Benefit worker
  • Contact us.  

2015 Benefit  Facts

amount raised

tickets sold190
tables purchased 14
value of auction$9,691

The Seraj Benefit