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2020 Benefit Sponsors

​These people have paved the way with pre-benefit gifts.  Follow their lead!

Covid-19  has put Seraj in deep Pandemic pause, but we need to keep our eyes on the prize.  Palestinians know how to keep going in the face of obstacles and tragedy, and use the term samud or steadfastness to describe this quality.  We in the US could learn from them.

Seraj Library Project was in a great place when the Coronavirus struck. 

  • We had just opened two new libraries. 
  • We had begun to envision a Palestinian Storytelling Center, and had signed a contract to occupy two renovated houses in the Ramallah community of Kufor Aqab. 
  • We were in conversation with the Edward Said National Music Conservatory about establishing a National Music Library. 
  • Seraj Palestine had just constituted a governing Board, and modified its legal status as an NGO. 
  • Fida'a Ataya, our Library Coordinator, was completing a graduate program at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. She has recently returned home and to work full of energy and enthusiasm.

All these plans are still in place, just waiting for Palestinian society to open up.  Because of the generosity of Seraj donors the past three years, we have money to pursue these projects ready to go, just waiting.

"Keep our Momentum Going"

100% of our US Board

Mary Bigelow
Galen Burghardt
Colette Burke Blan
John Cassel
Pauline Coffman
Diane Fite
Margaret O. Griffiths
Case Hoogendoorn
Colleen Jersild
Mai Khader Kakish
Amelia Miller
Senator John Millner
Nasser Nabhan
Paul Parker
Elisabeth Trost

Share Financial Support  Your support for our Benefit will help us keep our momentum going.  It will also inspire our Palestinian partners to remain steadfast.  Steadfast in growing their civil society, educating their children and enlarging their world – through books, cooperative programs, and empowered communities.

Seraj Library Project is dependent on the generosity of YOU, our donors, as we pursue our important and valuable work.  Thank You!

Our secure donation form allows you to direct your gift to an area of your choosing.  Pick a Fund for your support, and, if the Library Fund, a specific focus of your gift.  Or, all "undesignated gifts" will be used where most needed.

Share Your Testimony.   Help us build our community of support by sharing your thoughts about Seraj.  What do you like about Seraj?  Why do you support Seraj?  What is your understanding of Palestine?  Simply share your thoughts in the comments section of the button below.  Or, send you comments as an email to

A week of virtual visits to Seraj Palestine:

Beginning Sunday, October 4, Seraj supporters will receive an email each morning concerning one aspect of our library program or Palestinian life.  Each email will include a link to a short video. Together, the week's content will give you a good overview and update regarding our work and plans. 

Donation Examples

what your gift may provide

Our on-going work requires annual support as well as one-time investments.

Add and/or replace books                 $25
Help buy computers & internet          $50
Library furniture                                 $75
Monthly cultural programs               $100
Help refurbish a book collection      $500

Fund a University scholarship      $1,000

Contribute to Storytelling Center  $2,500

Fund a new library                      $50,000

We welcome gifts of any amount, and are always glad to accept "undesignated" gifts, which are used where most needed.

During the week, you will:

  • Learn more about our Project
  • Be inspired by our work
  • Be convinced by the need
  • Connect with our community of support

Seraj volunteers

Members of our Advisory Council,

and Others


Alvin Beatty

Bob Buchanan

Charleen Cepek

Colleen Harbison

Tom Jersild

Rima Najjar Kapitan

Mary Morton

St Luke's Episcopal, Evanston

Alice Valaskovic
Dale Valaskovic
Joe Weaver

​Zarine & Richard Weil

Fidan Ataya, Seraj Library Coordinator

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