Aida Camp

Aida Refugee Camp Library

In 2013 we inaugurated our sixth library in the Aida refugee camp, located in Bethlehem. Aida is one of 19 refugee camps located in the West Bank and is home to 6,000 people, 4,000 of whom are under the age of 18. The people who live in Aida are refugees from 41 different villages occupied and/or destroyed after 1947.  Aida residents are refugees, having fled villages that are now part of Israel.  People live very close together, with extended families often living in the same home consisting of a couple of rooms. Unemployment is about 70%, although Aida residents  are well educated.

Our partner in this location is the Al-Ruwwad Cultural and Theater Society located in the heart of the camp.  Among many traditional library programs such as story-telling, tutoring and reading, this library also offers opportunities for children in the camp to learn drama, music, media production and dance.