How are Wagner Fellows chosen? Students connected to one of our libraries & a Palestinian college or university apply for a position. They must meet academic and personal criteria and are interviewed by Seraj staff & volunteers.  Tuition assistance is sent directly to the university to help offset tuition costs.

Support a Student

Jaida (left) is one of 8 children from the Aida refugee camp. She attends Bethlehem University, aspires to directing and producing films ... that show the Palestinian society.

Jamila (right) is one of 4 children from Al Mizzra Al-Sharqiyyeh and is a junior at Open Al-Quds University. She believes in the transformative power of books and dreams of working with children "because it is through children that society can be changed." 

Would you like to help support a B J Wagner Fellow? Tuition assistance of $500 - 1,000 a semester is provided directly to the student's university. Press donate, make a gift of any amount and select the BJ Wagner Fellow Fund to  designate your gift.

​​​​​​​​​The BJ Wagner Fellows

Mentoring Seraj children, Supporting College Students

Would you like learn more about this program or ask some questions of one of our Fellows? Contact us, and ask about the program or for connections to a Fellow (see a list under Palestine Now)

More on The Fellows Program:

Meet Rinad fom Burham, one of our Scholarship recipients.  The linked video shows her talking about her Palestinian heritage and the importance of embroidery   (1:36 minutes)

Meet all the 2016 scholarship recipients.

Who was Betty Jane Wagner? First of all, a great friend of the Palestinian people. With her husband, Harold Kimball, she made several trips to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, visiting Seraj libraries, delighting in the children who gathered there. BJ was an internationally-recognized  scholar and teacher of reading and both she and her husband were Board members and deeply committed supporters. When she died in August of 2014 a Seraj fund was established to honor BJ's life and work. We hope BJ is very pleased with our choice for these gifts.