Seraj Library Project

                   Empowering Palestinian Villages,  One Library at a Time

Thanks for navigating to this page.  Gifts given on this page will be directed, through our community partners, to Seraj families most in need in these days of pandemic.  

As Laurie Salameh has said: this crisis has left people without jobs, without access to their livelihoods and lands. We have seen this in our Seraj communities, which are already particularly vulnerable, where people are struggling to the point they are begging for money and food to support their families. As true partners with our communities, we feel it is our moral imperative to do a small part in supporting these people.

If you intend to support Seraj's on-going library and cultural heritage work, please us this alternate donation site.

​​You can always send a check made to

Seraj Library Project to:
John Cassel, Seraj Treasurer
636 N Harvey Ave.
Oak Park, IL  60302
mobile.  630.606.5671

Be sure to note the purpose of your gift.

​Thank you for your on-going support for our important work, on behalf of our children, families, volunteers and Board members.

Seraj Library Project

COVID-19 aid to Palestinian families

A country staying at home