• Provide books and computers and other resources that enrich children's lives;
  • Help prepare children for a vibrant democracy and connects them to the wider world;
  • Help prepare BJ Fellows (Palestinian college students) to become tomorrow’s leaders;
  • Provide a "safe space” for Palestinian girls and boys;
  • Nurture hope for the future in children and adults; 
  • Support local leadership and promote civil society;
  • Help preserve Palestinian culture and its rich traditions; and
  • Help North Americans to learn about Palestine and to work more effectively for justice throughout the land.

YOU just made a contribution to the education and civic development of a Palestinian community!

 Our Thanks!
Your donation to Seraj Library Project will help our Palestinian partners provide library programs in the 12 villages where Seraj is established today.  And, our National Storytelling Center is poised to contribute to the collective tradition and hertitage!

You can read about our libraries
here.  And about the people of Seraj here.

We would love to hear what draws you to support Seraj libraries.  A long-time friend of Seraj, Al Miller in Arrowsic, ME, put it this way:
“I support Seraj because it is a people to people venture; it’s responsive to the real needs of Palestinian villages – and it’s done in consultation with the citizens of those villages.”  

We’ll send you an email that will serve as a record of your tax-deductible gift.  (And a year end summary of all gifts each January).

We can’t thank you enough for your help with this important project.


        John Cassel, Seraj Treasurer

PS  Please feel free to share any concerns, comments or questions with us.  Contact us.  

Seraj Libraries: