Seraj Board of Directors in Palestine

Our Seraj Board will add a second vital component of strategic planning to create a shared vision, momentum, ownership and leadership of the local communities to achieve greater effectiveness in implementing our mission.  We are thrilled with the highly-qualified, well-connected and committed individuals who have agreed to serve.  The Palestinian Board members are:

Lama Abu Baker, a journalist and public relations consultant with experience in both local and international organizations

Rami Asaad, a financial director with experience in both nonprofit organizations and private corporations.

Dima Bseiso, founder and director of the only Reggio Emilio based preschool in Palestine and a consultant on early childhood education best practices.

Salwa Duaibis, founder and director of Military Court Watch, an NGO which accompanies Palestinian minors to their court appearances in Israel’s military court.

Bashar Jumaa, former Chief of Staff to the Palestinian Prime Minister and member of the Negotiation Support Unit.

Ra’id Malki, former head of the Local Aid Coordination Secretariat with many connections to international donors.

Carol Michel, Public relations and communications expert, currently working with RIWAQ, an organization which restores historical buildings.

Estephan Salameh, Co-founder of Seraj Library Project and senior advisor to the United Nations Development Program in Jerusalem.

Estephan and Laurie Salameh founded the Seraj Library Project in 2005 in Chicago.

Estephan has a Ph.D. in Urban Planning and Public Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  He is a former adviser to the Palestinian Prime Minister and currently a senior adviser at the United Nations Development Program in Jerusalem and an adjunct professor at Birzeit University.

Laurie has a Master's degree in Nonprofit Administration from North Park University and is Vice Chairman of the board of World Vision Jerusalem .

The Salamehs live in East Jerusalem with their three children.

Founders - Estephan & Laurie Salameh

Seraj Governance in Palestine

Seraj Directors & Staff

  Ms. Laurie Salameh
  Co-founder and Director 

  Ms. Fida'a Ataya

​  Program Coordinator