The U.S.  Advisory Council (established in 2018)

​​​​​​Co-chair and Treasurer

John Cassel
Adult Educator 


Ms. Diane Fite

Case Hoogendoorn
Attorney, Hoogendoorn & Talbot LLP ​ 

Mary Bigelow


Galen Burghardt
Financial Research Director 

Pauline Coffman,  Ed.D.
Adult Educator 

Colette Burke Blan

Health Care Consultant

Peg Griffiths,  Ph.D.

Senior Psychologist

Colleen Jersild

Independent Crafts Professional

Mai Khader Kakish

PR Consultant

Amelia Miller

Infant Specialist

Senator John Millner
Former IL State Senator​

Nasser Nabhan


Haifa Bautista (New York)

Alvin Beatty (Evanston)

Birch Burghardt (Evanston)

Charlene Cepek  (Indian Head Park)

Anne Cordes (Evanston)

Dorian Dickinson (Wheaton)

Anne Fortin (Biet Sahour)

Alice Haznedl (Lake in the Hills)

Tom Jersild (Wilmette)

Marlys Conrad and Greg Jorjorian (Evanston)

Linda Knutson (Sarasota)

Ann Legg (Woodstock)

Jeff Lehn (Wilmette)

Verniel Lundquist (Evanston)

Laurie Lyter Bright (Denver)

Paul Parker,  Ph.D. 

Cindy Percak


Elizabeth Trost

Board Emeritus/Emeritas
​Kathleen Matsushima,  D. Min.
Retired Pastor and educator

James Wall, Former Seraj Chair
Former United Methodist Pastor, Senior Contributing Editor, Christian Century Magazine,

Mary Eleanor Kidder Wall
Senior Housing Administrator 


​​Estephan Salameh,  Ph.D.
Co-founder of Seraj/ Senior adviser at the United Nations Development Program in Jerusalem and an adjunct professor at Birzeit University.

Laurie Salameh
Co-founder and Director 

The Council will serve to strengthen the connection between our supporters and Seraj.   Current members include:  (let us know if you have an interest in this endeavor).

Akira and Kathleen Matsushima (Williamsburg, VA)

Alan Miller (Arrowsic, ME)

Dr.  Orayb Najjar (Chicago)

Rima Najjar Kapitan (Chicago)

Linda Pierce (Springfield)

Lynn Pollack (Evanston)

Scott Romans (Evanston)

Estephan and Laurie Salameh (Jerusalem)

Dr. Ghada Talhami (Evanston)

Ed Thompson (Glenview)

Dale & Alice Valaskovic (Chicago)

James and Mary Eleanor Wall (Elmhurst)

Joe Weaver (Lombard)

​David & Jennifer Wood (Glencoe)

The Seraj US Board, with Laurie & Estephan in June 2018

Seraj Library Project is governed by a U.S. Board and a Palestinian Advisory Board.  The U.S. Board is recruited from folks who have championed the cause of Palestinian education and civic development.  

The Project in Palestine is governed by an Advisory Board.  See the Palestinian  governance side here.

Gratefully, the U.S. work of the Board is supported by many volunteers - please  contact us  if you would like to volunteer your services in support of our mission.

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