How you can help Seraj Library Project grow and prosper:

Why do people choose to be a part of our community? There may be as many reasons as donors and volunteers.  Here are a few:

Seraj Libraries:

​I support Seraj Library Project because it is a way that whole communities can develop an attitude of peace, hope and learning in their children, while also encouraging creativity and joy for the adults.
          Kathy Matsushima, Williamsburg, VA 

I support the Seraj Library Project because reading opened up the world to me; children with limited movement can still become citizens of the world through reading.

         Pauline Coffman, Oak Park, IL

Children who live in a war zone rarely learn the benefits and effectiveness of civil society through their daily experiences.  The Palestinian children we are influencing today through books, reading, and learning about the world will be the future leaders of the Palestinians.  What better way of opening up to the world around them than to connect them with Americans who are committed to the idea that education is a basic human right. 
      Dr. Ghada Talhami, Evanston, IL 

Growing up in Palestine, I longed to have a good, accessible library. I dreamt of being able to read lots of colorful books. 
Reading gives children someplace to go when they have to stay where they are. It allows them to escape and experience new adventures. 
A Child who reads will be an adult who thinks.

        Mai Khader Kakish, Wheeling, IL

I support the Seraj Library Project because it opens up the world to children and parents who have lived their entire lives under the restrictions of military occupation. Books give them the opportunity to imagine, dream and explore new ideas, providing them with hope for a safe world where they can have the lives we all want for ourselves and our children.
        Connie Baker, Cave Creek, AZ
For me, Seraj is a positive, tangible and simple response to 50 years of Israeli occupation.  While it is painful to see and know the injustices visited daily on the Palestinian people, involvement in Seraj is but one small way to respond and stand with Palestinians everywhere.
        John Cassel, Oak Park, IL

Seraj Libraries:
  • Provide books and computers that enrich children's’ lives
  • Help prepare children for a vibrant democracy and connects them to the wider world
  • Help prepare BJ Fellows (Palestinian college students) to become tomorrow’s leaders
  • Provide a "safe space” for Palestinian girls and boys
  • Nurture hope for the future in children and adults 
  • Support local leadership and promotes civil society
  • Help preserve Palestinian culture and its rich traditions
  • Help North Americans learn about Palestine and to work more effectively for justice throughout the land

1.  Sign up to receive our Newsletter, reports and announcements.  We typically do a newsletter every other month.  In addition, we occasionally share announcements and reports.  Your in-box will not be overwhelmed and you can always unsubscribe.  Sign up here.

2.  Donate.  Help us buy books, computers and library equipment, support the work of our Library coordinator and the Advisory Council, enable us to provide Fellowships for college students who volunteer in our libraries

We are glad for one-time gifts of any size.  We also appreciate folks who make a monthly contribution.  Simply check “make this a recurring contribution” in the donate sequence.     Donate here.

3.  AmazonSmile will contribute .5% of your purchases.  If you buy anything from Amazon, sign up to send a portion of the price straight to Seraj.  It won't cost you a thing, and it helps us a lot.  Visit and enter "Seraj Library Project" as the charity you'd like to support.

4.  Introduce a friend to Seraj. Tell them why it's important to you, and to so many Palestinians.  Direct them to our web site. Encourage them to sign up for our newsletters and announcements.

5.   Volunteer.   Seraj  is always in need of helpers to complete its various projects.  We need help to create and publish our newsletters, host the annual Benefit, prepare the Silent Auction, keep the web-site current.  If you would like to offer a skill or explore ways you can help us, please Contact Us and begin the conversation.  Thanks!

6.  Consider a trip to Israel/Palestine.  It’s a land both beautiful and troubled with histories and narratives we all need to understand better. Your life will be enriched by a trip.  We’ll gladly consult, make recommendations for reliable tours and/or guides.  Contact us to arrange a conversation.

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