Libraries (& Life) under Occupation


Seraj Palestine makes an effort to help supporters know about the realities and struggles of everyday life in the West Bank.  We'll collect these reports in chronological order for your information...

This 70+ year Holy Land struggle is complex and multi-layered.  Persons new to the conflict may wish to learn more.  We try to list some resources many have found valuable...

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Ever since the 6 Day War in 1967, the entire West Bank has been "occupied" by Israeli defense forces. Palestinian life is controlled and defined by the Occupation.  Movement is controlled through checkpoints. To cross a checkpoint requires a permit...often three of them...and they are hard to obtain successfully and are costly.  A separate road system exists so Israeli "settlers" who live in the settlements in the West Bank do not share the road with Palestinians.  Consequently, Palestinians must travel separate roads and it takes much longer for Palestinians to travel...even to other Palestinian cities and villages.  Daily, more land is claimed for Israeli settlement expansion and "security zones".  Centuries-old olive trees are demolished to make way for this expansion and Palestinian homes are demolished.  Occupation is one of the defining contexts of our Libraries.

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