Reading is Fun!

A joint workshop

with three sister organizations

Seraj workshop participants

Dear Friends of Seraj, 
In early November, 2016, three prestigious organizations, the Goethe Insitut, Tamer and the Al-Qattan Foundation partnered with Seraj to sponsor a joint workshop for librarians and educators on how to engage children with books and reading. Stemming from the successful collaboration with Goethe on Ramadan Nights the previous summer, Goethe brought Gaby Holm, a reading expert from Germany, to lead the workshop at the Seraj library in Kufor Ni'ameh. It was a great success. Teachers from the village school joined Seraj volunteers for the workshop and three volunteers requested permission to retake mid-term exams, allowing them to attend a longer workshop with Ms. Holm in Ramallah.

Developing a

Collaborative Network

Volunteers receiving their certificates

for completing the

Reading is Fun! workshop

Helping create libraries in individual Palestinian villages has never been the final goal of the Seraj Library Project. Rather It has been creating that network of volunteers,  teachers, parents, young adults and children who together create community, nurture hope and help build a stronger Palestine..

As Seraj has grown it has attracted the attention and respect of more established organizations who bring their experience to Seraj and, in turn, share in the creativity of the Seraj family. 

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