The ever-growing Seraj story.  The best way to follow our evolving story is through our regular newsletters and periodic videosClick her for the current list.

Palestinian Storytelling Center & Birzeit Cultural Hub.   We are deep into creating the spaces and programs for these two new projects.  We are very enthused about what these projects will mean for Seraj and for the Palestinian community.  Read all about them here.

Covid 19 Family Aid.  In response to an appeal from our Palestinian partners, and with the generous support of our donors, Seraj Library Project raised more than $10,000 for family support.  The support was distributed to more than 50 of the neediest families among our various libraries.  Click here for a full report on the Aid, and the situation in the West Bank.  

Invite Seraj to present to your group.  We have a lot of ambitious plans and need your help.  We are keen to tell our story and invite more people to join our circle.  See how you can help  here.

Two new Libraries.  We are  10 libraries!   See all our libraries.

New Videos by & about Seraj are regularly added.   See the full list here.

A new Advisory Board in Palestine.  We are maturing as two organizations, with an new governance structure in Palestine.  See details here.

​​​​Remembering Cotton Fite  (click to see more)
Our beloved friend and Seraj Board Chair Cotton Fite died on August 15, 2017 after a fall.    A terrible personal loss for those of us who worked with this inspiring leader and a blow to the entire Seraj community.  Click above to see more…

"Ramadan Nights" (click to see more)
An example of Seraj's new emphasis on Community Programs.  Seraj Libraries are community agents of change.  See how.

Seraj Fellows Program  (click to see more)
Begun in 2016, the Fellows Program provides financial support for University students from the various Seraj Libraries.   The Fellows volunteer their time and provide a nurturing presence in the libraries.   The program description outlines the criteria by which the awards are made.  Through Fall 2018 we have made 54 Scholarship awards, and we award more each semester.

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