‚ÄčThe St Jerome Fund and planned giving

Please contact us if you want to discuss contributions to the St Jerome Fund.  We can arrange a phone call to respond to your questions and interest.  Let us know how we can serve your family as you support Seraj.

As we reported in our February 2020 newsletter, we received a tremendous gift from the estate of a man who had a passion both for books and for peace in the Holy Land.  Since then, one of our long-time supporters passed, and before she died, she asked any memorial gift be given to give to the Seraj Library Project.  These two gifts, then, have prompted us to create what amounts to a planned giving fund.   We are reminded, too, that Cotton Fite's death prompted a great outpouring of giving and has led, in a marvelous way, to the establishment of the Seraj storytelling center.  

The choice of St Jerome as this fund's name is not an especially religious one, although he is recognized by the Catholic church as the patron saint of librarians (among others).  Rather, for us, he reminds us of the importance of books and community.  He was a man of faith and scholarship and had deep roots in Bethlehem.  And, while we definitely want you to live long, happy, and fruitful lives, please remember that much good can done with the treasure that one inevitably leaves behind.