"I can go anywhere in the world..."

Members of the Advisory Council (changes regularly).  Please contact us, if you would like to join this group

US Advisory Council

2020 Advisory Council Gathering AC members were invited to a Zoom meeting with Laurie & Estephan Salameh.   A very valuable conversation was enjoyed by all.

2019 Member SurveyIn March of 2019 Seraj surveyed the Advisory Council to determine their perceptions and views of Seraj Library Project. Sixteen persons responded to our survey. See a summary and  key findings here.  

Orayb Najjar (Chicago)

Rima Najjar Kapitan (Chicago)

Linda Pierce (Springfield)

Lynn Pollack (Evanston)

Scott Romans (Evanston)

Estephan and Laurie Salameh (Jerusalem)

Dr. Ghada Talhami (Evanston)

Ed Thompson (Glenview)

Dale Valaskovic (Chicago)

James and Mary Eleanor Wall (Elmhurst)

Carol and Joe Weaver (Lombard)

​David & Jennifer Wood (Glencoe)

Birch Burghardt (Evanston)

Charlene Cepek  (Indian Head Park)

Anne Cordes (Evanston)

Anne Fortin (Biet Sahour)

Alice Haznedl (Lake in the Hills)

Tom Jersild (Wilmette)

Marlys Conrad and Greg Jorjorian (Evanston)

Ann Legg (Woodstock)

Jeff Lehn (Wilmette)

Verniel Lundquist (Evanston)

Akira and Kathleen Matsushima (Williamsburg, VA)

Alan Miller (Arrowsic, ME)

​​Purpose:  The main idea behind the creation of this Council (created in 2018) is to strengthen the connection between our supporters and Seraj.  Participation in the council is intended to be both interesting and free from undue responsibilities.