Want to get a feel for the work Seraj Library Project does with children and families in Palestine?  Here are a number of videos which begin to capture some of the activity and excitement generated by Seraj Libraries, their staff and volunteers.

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The Seraj YouTube Channel.  We have a movie channel in YouTube, and on Facebook.  Check for our newest and most up-to-date videos here,

June 2021 - Our two new flagship Projects - tour the locations being readied for Seraj programing.

October 2020 virtual Benefit videos.  We made 4 videos in Palestine, and two about our Benefit.  See them all in one place.

June 2018   The 2018 Annual Children's Festival"Follow your Dreams!

June 2018   Music and Story Night 2018

October 2017The latest Seraj Video report.  Presented at the 2017 Benefit at Chateau Ritz.  (5 minutes)

September 2017Most engaging.   A  2017 joint project of four Palestinian organizations, featuring Seraj Libraries and children, is captured in this professionally produced video (7 minutes). 

June  2017.   Meet Rinad fom Burham, one of our Scholarship recipients, who talks about her Palestinian heritage and embroidery   (1:36 minutes)

January 2017.   Alrowwad Cultural & Arts Society (home of the Seraj Library in Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem).  (3:18 minutes)

June 2016Seraj Storytelling Festival a part of Ramadan Nights.  (2 minutes)

October 2016.  Video produced for the 2016 Seraj Benefit in Evanston, IL

(8 minutes)

October 2016.   Video from “Reading Under the Olive Harvest” (2 minutes)

October 2015.  Video produced for the 2015 Seraj Benefit in Evanston, IL

(7 minutes)

February 2013.  A Magician In Our Midst.  The work of Fidaa Ataya, our Library Coordinator.  (6 minutes).

November 2012.  Seraj Library Project 01.  (30 seconds)  Clyde Campbell Library (30 seconds)

Seraj Library Project
Videos of our work in Palestine