If you are visiting Palestine & Israel, we hope you will take the opportunity to visit one or more of our 10 libraries.

A list of the libraries and a map are located

Many people will find the Aida Refugee Camp Library, located in Bethlehem at the Al-Ruwwad Cultural Center, the easiest library to get to.  Each library is unique to the community it serves and the partnership out of which it grew.

In each instance it will be important to contact our Palestinian Director to make arrangements.  Laurie will put you in touch with the local leaders to see if a visit might be possible on your schedule.  Each of our libraries have different schedules.

Ms. Laurie Salameh, Co-founder and Director 

Please contact Laurie by email:     lauriesalam@yahoo.com

For more information in the US, contact John Cassel, co-chair at 630.606.5671 or johnjcassel@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest in the Seraj Library Project.

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