The US arm of the Seraj Library Project sometimes finds itself in need of additional volunteers. (We are staffed 100% by volunteers.) Volunteer tasks could include planning events, writing newsletter articles, proofreading, graphic design, educating our constituency, hosting a Seraj house party, or creatively using your special gifts in a unique way for Seraj.  

Please consider your abilities, skills, interests, and experience. What do you offer that would benefit the work of Seraj? In the volunteer box on the attached form, tell us about your interest. What are your strengths? If wishes could come true, what would you like to do for the Seraj Library project? 

 At this point, you may simply want to add your name (and talents) to the list of persons to whom we can turn when we have an immediate need. This would be fantastic!

The attached form is the best way to inquire about volunteering. When you submit the form, we will begin a conversation about how you might contribute to the work of the Seraj Library Project. Paul Parker, a member of our Board, will follow-up with you by your preferred method of communication–text, email, or phone call (let us know in your submission). 

The Seraj Library Project is a community of folks who passionately care about all Palestinians and who believe that children’s community libraries are an effective and nonviolent way to improve life for all Palestinians. You are invited to become a more integral part of the Seraj community. We look forward to getting to know you better and to working together. 


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